Mar. 15th, 2011

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Remix time! Oh boy, kids! For those of you not familiar with the remix, you can read more at [ profile] remixers_lounge, but I think it's a fairly prevalent fanfic activity nowadays.

I suppose the news most interesting to me this year, is that Heroes is no longer an eligible fandom. *sob!* Two of the three remixes I've written for Remix Redux were for Heroes, and I always had a grand time playing with the brilliant fic of Heroes authors:

Heroes remixes what I wrote:
Behind Clouds, Sun Shines (the Legends Remix) and
The Persistence of Memory (The Dragon-Slayer Remix)

Heroes stories of mine what have been remixed-
* Philosopher's Stone became Philosopher's Stone (Tabula Rasa Re-Remix) by [ profile] poisontaster
* Preventative Maintenance transformed into Preventative Maintenance (Yet Another Bad Night) by [ profile] aurilly

Plus, y'know, I've written a Harry Potter remix (the only Harry Potter fic I've ever written), had a Trek fic remixed, remixed a Trek mirror!verse fic for the [ profile] issenterprise Remix challenge, and am now working on a Sooper-Sekrit Sherlock remix.

The point is. YOU should sign up to remix, if you've written five stories of 500 words or more (or 7 stories of 100 words or more) in one of the qualifying fandoms. Although Heroes is off the list, Star Trek and Sherlock are both eligible. They don't guarantee a match by pairing preference or type (you could end up with someone who writes only kid!fic gen), but you do get to specify up to seven fandoms in which you're willing to write.

I love remixes, and I love talking about remixes with fellow remixers. Let me know if you're signing up so we can cling to each other in breathless anticipation until we get our assignments.


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