Apr. 28th, 2011

brighteyedjill: Bones is pensive (RPF: The Cumberbatch will see you now)
If you love Remixing, you can participating in Remix Madness regardless of whether you participated in the regular Remix Challenge this year. No qualifying fandoms, just madness for all! Put your stories up for grabs to be remixed, and then (if you like), remix something by someone else by the end of the weekend. MADNESS!

I saw Frankenstein again on Wednesday. This will surprise no one, but I am a nerd. On the train on the way to the theater to see the play, I was listening to the score from the play while reading a copy of the play. I also had a copy of Mary Shelly's novel in my bag, in case I wanted to consult it. One of my favorite parts this time was hearing/seeing reactions of people around me. One girl behind me gasped, whispered curse words, and made whimpering noises in various parts. It was awesome.

Also, real life obligations are becoming such that I am considering taking a fandom hiatus in May. I have so many tabs open now of things I want to read that I'm feeling the cosmic weight of fic unread. If I stop tuning into fandom altogether, I may perhaps feel less guilty? I still have a few days to consider. *think think think*

So what have you been up to? Proudly nerd-ing? Knocking out fandom challenges left and right? Writing awesome stuff? Reading awesome stuff? Do tell.


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