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Welcome to my journal. It's mostly fic and fan-girling. Fic is collected here for your convenience. Mind the warnings, and enjoy!

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Heroes: Series and Long Fics

* Into the Living Sea . NC-17. Nathan/Peter, brief Peter/OMC. Written for [ profile] heroes_bigboom 2008.
After the events of Don’t Look Back, Nathan Petrelli has his brother committed to a mental institution. Peter suspects that Nathan’s reasons for locking him up have more to do with Nathan’s nervousness about his campaign and his guilt over his sexual relationship with Peter than with any noble concern for Peter’s well-being. In his attempts to get Nathan to relent, Peter unwittingly makes things worse, and then much worse.

* Love's the Burning Boy/In the Forests of the Night
Love's the Burning Boy. NC-17 (violence, non-con, dub-con). Nathan/Peter, brief Peter/OMC, and the rest of the ensemble. Written for [ profile] heroes_bigboom 2007.
It’s been four years since the bomb, and the future turned out not to be quite as bright as the Heroes had hoped. Some have lost friends, some have gained unlikely allies, and all are looking for a way to change what the world has become. Nathan and Peter Petrelli work to reassemble their lives after a painful betrayal, Hiro pursues a mysterious new mission, and Mohinder tries to make up for past mistakes. No one’s motives are above question, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s problems converge.

In the Forests of the Night NC-17 (violence). The sequal toLove's the Burning Boy.
If you can’t change the past, you have to live with the present and work toward a better future. Nathan attempts to lead, Peter finds a new path, and Mohinder has to decide what side he’s on. Hiro and his team try to bring all the pieces together while other special people are working towards a different end.

Only in the Dark. NC-17. Mohinder/Sylar(Gabriel).
A missing scene from Chapter Nine of Forests. Gabriel is hiding after overhearing a conversation between Mohinder and Hiro. Mohinder comes to explain himself.

* New Wounds - Set in an AU version of the Five Years Ago universe (make a left turn before Past Hiro arrives on the scene).
Part 1. NC-17 (graphic violence, dub con). Sylar-masquerading-as-Nathan/Peter, Nathan/Peter implied.
Peter learns to deal with captivity and his “brother.”
Part 2. NC-17 (non-con, abuse in every sense of the word). Nathan!Sylar/Peter, Nathan/Peter implied.
Peter realizes who’s been playing with him.
Part 3. NC-17 (non-con, torture, more angst). Sylar/Nathan, Sylar/Peter.
Sylar continues to use the Petrelli brothers against one another.
Part 4. NC-17 (dub-con, violence). Sylar/Peter, Nathan, Petrellicest implied.
Nathan gets to see Peter.

*Par Avion, a Mon Amour. NC-17 (for sex and war violence). Nathan/Peter.
Nathan Petrelli is serving on the western front on WWII, and he is starting to loose his grip on the illusions that have kept him going all these years.

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Heroes Slash


*Auction Day. NC-17 (D/s, slavery). Peter/mystery pairing.
Peter’s up for sale at the club where he’s been a slave for the past year.

*Don't Forget Who's Taking You Home. NC-17 (rough sex). Nathan/Peter.
Peter’s been naughty all night. Nathan sets him straight.

* First in the Nation. PG. Nathan/Peter implied.
Nathan is following the 2008 Presidential race, and Peter assumes the worst.

*Five Times Nathan Petrelli Didn't Figure It Out (And One Time He Did). NC-17. (One warning would be a spoiler through the story, so it's listed at the end of the story itself, if you need it. Nathan/Peter, and one other pairing implied. Set pre-series through "Six Months Ago"
Nathan always thought he was good at figuring out what his brother was thinking. He was wrong.

*Kiddie Table. NC-17. Nathan/Peter.
Nathan finds a way to pass the time at the annual Company retreat he's attending with his parents.

*Lot's Wife PG-13. Nathan/Peter (ish). Guest appearance by Hiro.
Post Dual, Nathan sends Peter away. Peter looks back.

*Proving Ground. NC-17. (D/s). Peter/Nathan.
After Coyote Sands, Nathan tries to apologize.

*Resisting Arrest. NC-17. Nathan/Peter.
Detective Nathan Petrelli is sick of chasing around spoiled trust-fund kids. One of them gives him a reason to take advantage.

*Where You Lay Down, There's My Bed. NC-17 (prostitution, amnesia, and inherent consent issues). Nathan/Peter. Peter/other implied.
Post Season One, Nathan goes looking for his missing brother. He finds him in Amsterdam, and Peter's not quite the man he remembers.

Sylar/Peter (and sometimes Gabriel)

* A Teachable Moment. NC-17 (non-con, violence, d/s). Sylar/Peter.
Sylar crosses Peter one time too many, and Peter decides to teach him a lesson.

* Aloha!. PG-13 (boy kissing). Sylar/Peter/Gabriel. A fluffy bit written for [ profile] capn_mactastic's 2007 Advent Calendar and vaguely set in the Smut Stew verse.

Sylar and Gabriel help Peter shake the winter blues.
* Every Guilty Stain. NC-17 (non-con). Sylar/Peter, implied Nathan/Peter. A “missing scene” from .07%.
Sylar sees Peter’s weakness, and knows how to use it.

*Gingerbread Men. NC-17. Peter/Gabriel.
Gabriel is in the holiday spirit. Peter lends a hand. Or two.

*In the Stacks. NC-17. Peter/Gabriel.
Peter and Gabriel are college students, and Gabriel’s been spending too much time in the library.

*The Image That Troubles My Sight. NC-17. Peter/Gabriel.
An alternate look at how Peter learns to use Gabriel's power in the alternative future of 3x04, "I Am Become Death."

* Turbulence. NC-17 (PWP). Written for [ profile] capn_mactastic's 2007 Advent Calendar.
Sylar and Peter take a plane trip. You know where this is going.

*The Persistence of Memory (The Dragon Slayer Remix) NC-17. Sylar/Peter

*The Pros and Cons of Sharing a Room With Your Twin. NC-17. Gabriel/Peter.
Peter has always been the bolder of the twins. Now Gabriel is ready to reap the benefits.

*A Righteous Man. NC-17. Sylar/Peter.
Peter helps Sylar find "good."

*Wedding Present. NC-17 (Non-con). Sylar/Peter.
On Peter and Claire’s wedding day, Peter gets an unexpected, unwelcome visitor.

* What's His is Mine. NC-17 (dub-con). Gabriel/Peter, Nathan/Peter implied.
In a world where the three Petrelli brothers grew up together, Gabriel is frustrated with Nathan and Peter's tight relationship, and decides to get some of his own back.

*Whetstone. NC-17 (Bondage). Sylar/Peter.
On Valentine’s Day, Peter has a surprise that he knows Sylar wants.


*Battlefield. NC-17. Sylar/Luke.
After a battle, Sylar and Luke channel their bloodlust into a different activity.

*Heat Transfer. NC-17. Sylar/Luke. (Prostitution!)
Luke takes care of himself. Sylar takes exception to his methods.

*Liberty. PG-13. Sylar/Luke.
At Ellis Island in the early twentieth century, Gabriel Gray finds a newly detained immigrant strangely fascinating.

*Territories. NC-17. Sylar/Luke.
After the Shanti virus decimates the country, Luke finds himself immune and alone.

*This Property is Condemned. NC-17 (D/s, memories of abuse). Sylar/Luke.
Luke misinterprets Sylar's intentions, and Sylar doesn't take kindly to other people touching his things.

*Unspoken. R. Sylar/Luke.
Luke can’t get what he wants.


*Butterflies. PG, Adam/Peter.
Corruption comes in pretty ways.

* Let the Punishment Fit the Crime. NC-17 (d/s). Adam/Peter, implied Nathan/Peter.
Adam helps Peter learn from his mistakes.

* Preventative Maintenance. R. Written for [ profile] heroesfest. Adam/Peter. [Now with shiny remix by [ profile] aurilly
Adam challenges Peter to get better control over his powers.

*What You Don't Know. NC-17 (D/s). Adam/Peter plus Nathan.
Nathan demands to be shown how things were between Adam and Peter. It’s not quite what he imagined.

* We’ll Wander Down Where the Sins Cry NC-17 (rough sex, mild power play) Adam/Peter
Peter can't imagine how it must have felt for Adam to be imprisoned by the Company for so long without the comfort of human touch. When they get out, they do something about it.

Abusive Bastards: Arthur, Linderman, Peter, and sometimes Nathan

*A Choice Vintage. NC-17 (Dub-con). Arthur/Linderman/Peter.
Peter’s plan to embarrass his parents backfires.

*Advantage. NC-17 (Dub-con). Arthur/Peter.
After losing his powers, Peter has to make himself useful in other ways.

*Down to the Felt.NC-17 (dub-con). Linderman/Peter, Nathan/Peter implied
On a trip to Las Vegas, Peter’s tired of being ignored by Nathan, so he goes out for a night on the town and gets in over his head. Linderman rides to the rescue. Sort of.

*Ready For the Bad Things to Come. NC-17 (Dub-con, underage, daddycest). Arthur/Nathan.
Nathan loses his virginity to Arthur. (This one is creepy and the bad kind of wrong, please be aware).

*Tabula Rasa. NC-17 (dub-con). Arthur/Peter, Nathan/Peter
Sequel to Five Times Nathan Petrelli Didn't Figure It Out (And One Time He Did). Nathan convinces Peter to confront their father.

*There's Bound to be a Ghost in the Back of Your Closet. NC-17 (dub-con). Arthur/Peter.
Arthur knows how far Peter will go for Nathan, and he takes advantage of the leverage that gives him over his youngest son. (See sequel: Peace Offering)

* Peace Offering. NC-17 (dub-con). Arthur/Peter/Linderman. Written as a sort of continuation of There’s bound to be a ghost in the back of your closet. Also stands alone.
Arthur has a night alone with his youngest son, and he has a surprise for Peter.

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Other Slash Pairings

*Allow Me to Introduce. NC-17. Claude/Peter.
Peter’s trying to play the dutiful son and brother. Claude tries to talk some sense into him. In public.

*Barter. NC-17 (non-con). Peter/Other, Nathan. Takes place after 3x10: The Eclipse, Part I.
Peter had never been great at staging daring rescues.

*Behind Clouds, Sun Shines. R. Sylar/Mohinder.
After a virus decimates New York and turns the city into a ghost town inhabited by sun-shy creatures with a lust for blood, doctor Mohinder Suresh doggedly searches for a cure, alone. Sylar can’t stay away.

* Every Tool is a Weapon if You Hold it Right. NC-17 (Non-con). Sylar/Adam.
The company sends Sylar to bring Adam in. Sylar gets a little satisfaction in the bargain.

*Experience is the Best Teacher. NC-17 (dub-con).
Future!Peter/Peter. Peter shows his younger self the darkness of humanity.

*Leverage. NC-17 (Non-con, violence). Danko/Peter.
Danko's federal team has brought in the fugitive Peter Petrelli. Danko has a plan on how to best turn this situation to his advantage.

*New Year's. NC-17. Nathan/Gabriel.
Nathan comes looking for his brother during a family function. Gabriel doesn’t want to go back to the party.
*New Year's (What Peter Saw)

*Not Fade Away. PG. Claude/Peter.
Claude's not surprised to find Peter in the hospital again.

*Role Reversal. NC-17 (D/s). Peter/OMC.
Peter finds a way to feel powerful again, even if his abilities aren't what they were.

*Turnabout is Fair Play. NC-17 (asphyxiation play). Adam/Hiro.
Adam has issues with what happened between him and Hiro.

*Untitled Kink Meme Fic #1 NC-17 (Daddy kink, master/slave dynamics) Nathan/Peter implied, Peter/Governor Malden
Peter is a slut for Nathan. Explicit, mildly disturbing daddy kink.

*Untitled Kink Meme Fic #2. NC-17 (non-con, humiliation, paddling, forced cross-dressing, bad things). Peter/others. Yeah.
Peter has a rough time at boarding school

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*If You're Not With Us. NC-17 (non-con). Knox/Flint/Peter-as-Jesse.
Knox knows the man in the bank with them is not really his friend Jesse, and he has an idea of how to teach this interloper a lesson.

*Or The Fool Who Follows Him. NC-17. Nathan/Sylar/Peter.
Nathan and Sylar are playing with Peter. But who’s really in control?

*Preserving the Bloodline. NC-17. Arthur/Angela/Linderman
Angela wants a child, but she wants to make sure that, unlike Nathan, this one will be born with powers.

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Heroes Het (?!)

* Love Is. NC-17. Adam/Elle.
Adam impresses on Elle that love hurts.

* You and Me Song. PG. Nathan/Heidi, Nathan/Peter lightly implied.
Nathan and Heidi both know what’s going on here.

Heroes Gen

* Bargaining. PG.
Lyle is not a big fan of Claire’s new admirer.

* Beatification. R (violence, dark).
Monica never wanted it to go this way.

* Commencement. G.
Peter and Angela attend Nathan’s commencement

* Final Push. R (drug use).
There’s a vision inside Isaac that needs to get out.

* Fugue State. PG-13 (violence).
Everything seems a little unreal for Niki after what happened in LA.

* The Long Crawl of Hugh Glass. PG.
After disposing of Candice, Sylar is alone in the jungle. Mostly.

* Naming. PG. A ficlet I wrote after the Season 2 premiere; it's now been Jossed all to hell, but I like it anyway.
Peter has a lot of time to think.

*Obstacles. PG. Army AU.
Peter has some minor trouble on a training run with his team.

* Philosopher's Stone. PG-13. [Now with remix by [ profile] poisontaster!]
Bob was unremarkable in every way except when it came to Elle.

* Revisited. PG.
Molly falls prey to the Nightmare Man.

*Still Too Far to Fall. PG. Takes place during 3x10: The Eclipse, Part I.
On the way to Haiti, Nathan finds out something about his brother.

* Study Break.
A wee!Petrellis ficlet. Nathan has a paper to finish. (Now with podfic by [ profile] speccygeekgrrl

* Theory of Change. PG. Takes placing during 3x01 The Second Coming
After Nathan’s miraculous return from the dead, Peter must figure out what to do next, and whether he’s already sacrificed too much of himself.

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Star Trek Reboot

*A Level Course and True. Kirk/Spock. NC-17
Spock is experiencing an unsettling emotional response in the wake recent events, but the very last thing that could possibly improve the situation is a late-night confrontation with James T. Kirk.

*Absolution. NC-17 (D/s and bondage elements). Kirk/Spock
For this, Kirk can only come to Spock.

* Circle Yes or No PG-13. Kirk/McCoy
McCoy would find Kirk’s incessant attempts to set him up on dates less exasperating if he wasn’t also having to hide the fact that he already knows who he wants: Kirk.

*Disciplinary Action. Spock/McCoy and Kirk, w/ McCoy/Kirk implied. NC-17 (dub-con)
In the Mirror!verse, Spock doesn't appreciate Cadet Kirk's cheating on the Kobayashi Maru test.
* And the sequel Saving Face. Kirk/McCoy. NC-17 (Mirror!verse, consent issues)

* Divertissement. PG. Sulu/Chekov with guest stars Uhura and Janice Rand.
Pavel is thrilled to be dancing in The Nutcracker at the San Fransisco Ballet, but his life would be easier if he didn’t have a crush on the dancer playing Prince Charming.

*Good Man. NC-17 (George Kirk/Jim Kirk).
Jim has a chance to prove himself to the father he never knew.

*Hallmark Moment. PG-13, Kirk/McCoy. (drabble)
Kirk always knows just what to say.

* I'd Take a Bullet Meant for Both of Us NC-17 (mirror!verse, tons of warnings) Kirk/McCoy, McCoy/Pike, Kirk/McCoy/Pike
When backed into a corner, McCoy had to make a deal with Christopher Pike, Commandant of Cadets at the Imperial Academy.

* Many Hands Make Light Work. NC-17 (aliens made them do it). Spock/Kirk/McCoy, Spock/McCoy.
Kirk may have given a few passing thoughts to Spock and McCoy’s relationship, but he didn’t mean for things to end up like this. Really.

*My Heart is a Holy Place. NC-17 (Sulu/Chekov, Mirror!verse, non-con).
Sulu and Chekov are in the early stages of their relationship when Chekov finds himself in an alternate universe with a very different Sulu.

*Old Home Ground (The Now and Then Remix). PG. Gen w/ Winona/George.
Remixed from Purity by velvetfiction.
Though Winona had been born there, the farm didn't feel like home. Not any more.

*Proper Motivation. NC-17 (Dub-con). Spock/McCoy/Kirk.
In the Mirror!verse, Kick impresses on McCoy why his continued obedience is necessary.

*Proving Ground (The Rush of Blood Remix). NC-17 (Mirror!verse, mind the many warnings). Sulu/Chekov.
Pavel Chekov has a plan to join the most prestigious fraternity at the Imperial Academy. Despite the brothers’ rigorous system of testing new recruits, Chekov is determined to prove himself worthy, no matter the cost.

*Thinly Veiled Excuse. NC-17. Sulu/Chekov.
A shipboard mishap gives Sulu and Chekov a chance to spend some quality time together.

*Triptych. NC-17. McCoy/Chekov, McCoy/Kirk/Chekov.
This is how it happens, from three points of view

*Wag the Dog. NC-17 (puppy play). Sulu/Chekov.
Chekov likes it when Sulu takes control.

*We Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly to be Fearful of the Night. NC-17 (slavery and inherent consent issues, memory of sexual violence). McCoy/Chekov.
More than anyone else on the Enterprise, Leonard McCoy knows that space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence. As much as he’s seen in the two years since the Narada incident, he’s not prepared when a simple mission ends in the disappearance of a crewmember. The crew must adjust to the idea that one of their own may never come home.

And its sequel Though My Soul May Set in Darkness. NC-17 (mind the warnings) McCoy/Chekov and various other pairings.
Chekov has recovered from a year spent in captivity after an away mission gone wrong; he’s repaired relationships with his friends and built a new love with a certain surly ship’s doctor. A new undercover mission could offer Chekov closure, but other crew members object to putting himself in danger again. Chekov knows he’s strong enough to face his fears, but can he convince those closest to him that this mission is worth the risk?

*What I Say (When I Say Anything at All). Kirk/Spock. NC-17
Discipline was impossible around James T. Kirk.

*Za Vas Vsyekh (or, The Dangers of Toasting on the Enterprise). NC-17. Sulu/Chekov.
Chekov teaches the rest of the crew to drink vodka.

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*Absnc Mks <3 Grw Fndr. PG-13. John/Sherlock.
John goes on a trip, and Sherlock continues with business as usual.

* The Cure is Worse. PG-13. John/Sherlock.
Sherlock needs to test a theory about his nicotine habit. The results are not what he expects.

* Desdemona. R (Established D/s relationship). John/Sherlock
For this to work, John has to be able to trust Sherlock with the most precious thing of all: Sherlock's own well-being.The current case involves a dead maid, a rumour of ghosts, and a quickly worsening head cold, but none of that troubled John so much as the troublesome patterns he began to notice in the way Sherlock dealt with death.

* The Golden Key (Ice Melt Remix). PG-13. John/Sherlock
The current case involves a dead maid, a rumour of ghosts, and a quickly worsening head cold, but none of that troubled John so much as the troublesome patterns he began to notice in the way Sherlock dealt with death.

* A Little Healthy Competition. R (D/s play, light BDSM). Sherlock/Jim Moriary.
College AU. Sherlock and Jim have a little bet going that involves a hefty forfeit.

* RSVP: A Well-Dressed Detective and His Reluctant +1. NC-17. John/Sherlock
John had followed Sherlock into some unpleasant situations, but this one was proving to be particularly dreadful.

* The Widsom of Cats (The Complementary Remix). R (incest, pet play). Mycroft/Sherlock.
Remixed from [ profile] jain’s fic A Quiet Evening In
Sherlock could stop any time. He didn't need what Mycroft provided on their evenings together. He could break the script if he wanted. He simply chose not to.

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Other Fandoms

* CSI: Compelling. NC-17 (non-con, drug use, violence, bigotry, tons of angst, seriously dark, use of cliched plot devices ftw). Nick/Greg.
Nick goes undercover, and he and Greg end up in serious trouble.

* Harry Potter: No Surprises (The Feels Like Falling Remix). Written for [ profile] remix_redux. NC-17. Draco/Harry.
Harry’s not quite sure how he ended up in love with Draco Malfoy.

* Heroes RPF: You're My Atomic Clock of Days. NC-17. Adrian/Milo.
"That video better not EVER be seen by ANYONE, you hear me? Adrian. Seriously."

*Pretender: Sanctuary. NC-17. Jarod/Sydney (sort of)
Jarod is investigating a string of disappearances at a BDSM brothel when he receives an unexpected visitor who complicates his plans.

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Crossovers of All Kinds!

*Beggars in the House of Plenty. Supernatural/Heroes. NC-17 (dub-con, AUish). Sam/Peter.
Peter, youngest son of the family behind Petrelli International, has found something special with the Sam, whose brother is a lowly bodyguard.

*Balance of Terror (and Zombies). Supernatural/Star Trek. R. Gen w/ hints of Kirk/Spock
Sam, Dean, and Castiel encounter some mysterious strangers, one of whom is experiencing some eerily familiar symptoms.

*Commanding Officer. Heroes/Supernatural au. NC-17. Nathan Petrelli/John Winchester
Nathan is desperately searching for something, and John has an idea of what it could be.

*The Conscience of the Kirk, or How to Stop a Pathetically Self-Destructive Man . Heroes/Star Trek. NC-17. Kirk/Peter, Kirk/McCoy.
Kirk spends a typical night on the town without his best friend, but the consequences bring up feelings he isn’t ready to confront.

*I Deduce in My Sleep. Sherlock/Inception. PG. John/Sherlock(ish).
John Watson doesn't quite recognize the agitated man in his dream screaming about idiots, but he knows that he's important somehow.

*Intuition. Heroes/Star Trek. PG-13. Sylar/Luke (implied) plus Pavel Chekov.
Luke gets picked up in a sting at a club in San Fransisco, and while he waits for Sylar to break him out, he chats with an interesting cellmate.

* Proxy Heroes/Star Trek Reboot x-over. NC-17. Sylar/Jim Kirk
Jim can’t spend shore leave with the man he wants, but he finds someone interested in just how special he is.

*Recruiting Trip. Heroes/Buffy the Vampire Slayer. PG.
Adam has heard stories about some unusual goings-on in Sunnydale, and goes to see if there's anyone who might benefit from his... mentorship.

*Serenity: Excerpts From an Unfinished Fic. Heroes/Firefly fusion. PG-13.
The job should be simple: get a ship, get a crew, keep flying. But for Captain Nathan Petrelli, nothing ever goes smooth.

*Same Song, Different Verse Heroes/Star Trek drabble. NC-17. McCoy/Peter.
When love sucks, Peter and McCoy commiserate.

* The Secret's in the Telling. Heroes/Supernatural x-over. NC-17. Nathan/Peter (Heroes), Dean/Sam (Supernatural), and some cross-pollination.
In following the trail of what they think is a rogue special, Nathan and Peter run into a pair of brothers who claim to be demon hunters. As the Petrellis learn more about the menace they've been tracking, they realize all four of them might be in danger, and some things can no longer be kept secret.

*And the sequel: My Brothers' Keepers. Heroes/Supernatural x-over. NC-17. Every combination of Nathan and Peter Petrelli and Sam and Dean Winchester.
Sam and Dean discover demons have been possessing people with special abilities that have nothing to do with magic. Peter draws a future that reunites him and Nathan with the Winchester brothers. Together they find out that specials--people whose powers come from an unusual inherited gene-- are being targeted for possession by a woman who is on the verge of breaking one of the sixty-six seals that keep the devil imprisoned in Hell.

* We Sister Ships of Different Times. Firefly/Star Trek XI. PG.
Uhura isn't one much for playing hostage.

*Under Control. Sherlock/Supernatural. NC-17. John Winchester/John Watson.
In Afghanistan, John Watson needs to feel something that only a gruff American Marine can give him.

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