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You know what shouldn't be hot? Jim Kirk and tentacles in a dubious consent situation. But uh... I like what I like.

Also, spent today's lunch hour and commute writing again in the wake of another professional obligation completed. Yay! Writing again!

Also, if you're looking for stuff to nominate for the Heroes Slash Fic Awards, you can see my stuff that qualifies at my year round-up post. Everything after July 17th is eligible. So all the Heroes stuff I wrote in July on.
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Hooray! I seem to have won some stuff over at this round of the Heroes Slash Awards. And the people who organized this shindig have made some awesome banners, which now decorate the stories in question:

I won something! My pretties, let me show you them. )

Big hugs and flowers and thanks to all who nominated, voted, and, of course, the organizers. You should really go check out the list of winners, because there is some awesome fic going on over there. Go on, shoo. Go read some fic.
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Hey guys! Here's some good news: I have some fic that's at the beta shop right now, and should be ready for posting soonish. Hooray! I wrote something! And I got my [ profile] heroes_exchange assignment, and some ideas are a-brewing for that. Plus I have another fic (a sequel, in fact), about 25% written. Bad news: I will miss the return of Heroes on February 2nd because I have to be at a photo call for this festival in which I'm directing. Lame. Time to bust out the DVR.

In the meantime, if you're looking for more awesome stuff to read, you should check out all the nominees over at the Heroes Slash Awards. There are a metric ton of great fics nominated. I want to give special shout-outs to [ profile] evidence_room and [ profile] jaune_chat, who were nominated for some of their good stuff. And if you haven't read their work, do yourself a favor and read it. Srsly.

Nom nom nom nom )
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A friendly reminder that voting for the Heroes Slash Awards closes today. So you should go throw in a couple votes; you don't have to vote in every category. And there's a ton of good stories, so check 'em out and get your Heroes fix!

In other news, my Big Boom story is not going so well... I'm not sure I'll be done with a draft in time to qualify... For some reason I had so much fun writing Supernatural that I'm having trouble switching gears to a Heroes/Firefly fusion-verse... Aarghalksjdr!!11!!
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Woohoo! Heroes Slash Award Nominations are up! There are lots of great stories nominated, so you should go check them out and vote. Remember, you don't have to vote in every category. Voting runs through July 26th.

Also, a gigantic hug and kiss to whoever nominated my fic. And I certainly got a giggle at which "best of" categories I'm nominated in. I'm a bad, bad person. Here's my nominations:

Best Dark Fic: New Wounds (5YG verse, Nathan!Sylar/Peter, Sylar/Nathan, implied Nathan/Peter, mind the warnings)
Best Kink: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime (Adam/Peter, d/s kink)
Best Non-con: Every Guilty Stain (Sylar/Peter, Nathan/Peter implied, set during .07%)
Best Hiro Characterization: Love's the Burning Boy (Nathan/Peter, ensemble-centric epic, AU, mind the warnings)
Best Nathan Caracterization: In the Forests of the Night (Nathan/Peter, sequel to Love's the Burning Boy)
Best Adam/Peter (R-NC17): Let the Punishment Fit the Crime (Adam/Peter, D/s kink) AND Preventative Maintenance (Adam/Peter...uh, obviously)
Best Nathan/Peter (R-NC17): In the Forests of the Night (Nathan/Peter, sequel to Love's the Burning Boy)
Best Peter/Sylar (R-NC17): Every Guilty Stain (Sylar/Peter, Nathan/Peter implied, set during .07%)

Again, thanks for the nominations! My little heart is all warm and fuzzy now!
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I got nominated for the Heroes Slash Awards! Thanks guys! I'm so excited! Here's what my fics are up for:

In the Forests of the Night: Best Action/Adventure, Best Sequel, Best Molly Characterization, Best Sylar (Gabriel) Characterization,

Love's the Burning Boy: Best Angst Fic, Best AU Fic, Best Dark Fic, Best Drama Fic, Best Epic, Best Hurt/Comfort, Best Hiro Characterization, Best Nathan/Peter (R-NC-17)

New Wounds Series: Best Dark Fic, Best non-con

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime: Best Kink Fic, Best Adam/Peter

The Long Crawl of Hugh Glass: Best Sylar/Gabriel (G-PG-13)

A Teachable Moment: Best Non-con

Also, I'm wicked excited that I have a huuuuuge new list of fics to read. There's lots of awesome stuff nominated, including some things that I missed previously, so wheeeee! Go read the stuff! Bring on the slash!


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