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Stream-of-consciousness thoughts from this week’s Heroes. )
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Spoilers for all aired episodes of Heroes )
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I is a sucky commentator! I have been so wrapped up in getting the [ profile] sncross_bigbang story I'm writing with [ profile] jaune_chat ready for the draft deadline that I haven't done anything else, not even this! Well... beter late than never?

In other news, I still have a couple more kink meme fics to polish and re-post (do they never end!?) and then it's on to work on for my lovely Sweet Charity mistresses, [ profile] pinkfinity and [ profile] eldritchhobbit, and cracking the whip over my own Sweet Tarts, [ profile] blithesea, [ profile] pupnamedpeter, [ profile] fluidkarma, [ profile] pyro_monkey17, and [ profile] xkelorosiamano. Yes, I bought a stable of Tarts. Yes, I'm comfortable with that.

Rambling commentary is rambling )
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My stream-of-consciousness Heroes meta for this week )
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And now... My scattered thoughts on last week's Heroes )

So, I'm a very happy camper. No Heroes tomorrow, but that gives me more time to keep up with the latest Heroes Kink Meme. Which I promised I would stop writing for. And I will. I can stop any time. Seriously.
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And now… My scattered thoughts on tonight’s episode of Heroes. )
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And now, tonight’s exciting episode of Heroes.

Previously on Heroes: Nathan is duplicitous, Sylar gains an apprentice, and the Heroes brain trust assembles!

And now...Building 26 )
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My full meta will be up Wednesday, probably, but in the meantime...

A few quick thoughts. )

Also, here's where I'm at with writing: My Heroes Exchange fic is in the bag. I'm finishing up a long-lost story from my CSI fandom days (yeah, I had those). Then I want to finish something I feel like I've been working on forEVER, which is the sequel to Barter. And then... [ profile] jaune_chat and I have something in the works that I think could be veeeeery interesting indeed. Stay tuned.
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Universe: 3, Jill: 1
Monday night: Television not working. Can’t watch Heroes.
Tuesday night: Can’t access internet. Assume it’s a computer problem. Can’t watch Heroes.
Wednesday night: It’s not a computer problem. It’s the internet, and the cable company can’t fix it until Saturday. Watch Heroes slowly and painfully on pirated wifi.
Thursday night: Take computer to coffee shop. There is a screaming and crying child. At a coffee shop. But Jill remembered her headphones. Take that, universe.

And now, my less-funny-than-usual-stream-of-consciousness thoughts on this week’s episode of Heroes )
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Previously, on Heroes: we learn from comic books, Claire is the Catalyst, Nathan and Peter are sweaty.

And now... Chapter Twelve, “Our Father”

Sweet title. I like it already.

And now, my stream-of-consciousness thoughts on tonight’s episode )
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On his blog, Beaming Beeman, Greg Beeman writes of last night's episode (which he directed):

For some reason, Milo and Adrian decided to pump themselves up for this scene by taking turns slapping each other on the back of the neck as hard as they could. I’m not sure how this brilliant idea got started, but I remember looking over and watching these two goofballs just smacking each other with all their might. There would be a loud CRACK! That echoed in the fake jungle and then, whoever had just been slapped started jumping around yelling, “Ow ow wow! Sonofab*&ch!” “Ah…” I thought to myself, “Ah, The Stanislavski method at work.” If you don’t believe me check out the pictures below. One is of the back of Adrian’s neck with welts in the exact shape of Milo’s fingers on it.

Okay, boys, get a room. I love those two dorks. And I was sooooo happy to see them in actual scenes together. Y'know, alone. And talking. And arguing. And wet. Mmmmm.


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