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Hey friends! Good news: more showings of Frankenstein have been scheduled in Chicago.

Why do we need more, you ask?

Cinema foibles and incompetent people, basically. )

The new showings are:
Wednesday, May 4th at 5pm
Saturday, May 14th at noon
Sunday May 15th at noon

Anyone game?


Meanwhile, Remix is afoot! Both Remix Redux 9 and Remix Madness 2011 are now in business!

I have a couple recommendations, if you want a place to get started:

A Very Delicate Mission (the Unreal City remix) is a remix of A Very Delicate Mission, in which Sherlock goes on an errand to Geneva, and John is sent to retrieve him. It's the traditional reverse-viewpoints type of remix, but I always like seeing Sherlock spiral a bit out of control (unsatisfying anonymous sex FTW!).

Captured (The Sketchy Excuses Remix) is a remix of Captured, in which John is kind of good at drawing, and Sherlock uses that fact to conduct an experiment about perception. Both versions are from John's point of view, and both explore his boundaries with Sherlock in an interesting way. I also like the idea of John having an artistic hobby.

Sherlock Holmes (ACD Canon)
a wise man's hell is a lovingly crafted and styled remix of The Milk of Paradise, both of which detail Holmes's visit to an opium den. The remixer does a splendid job infusing the kind of unresolved relationship tension that I love in my Holmes/Watson, in an entirely in-character and canon-appropriate way. I also love the way Holmes's opium-fogged thought process is rendered.

Star Trek Reboot
I'm not only morally obligated, but also thoroughly delighted, to rec Good Man (the Bad Day Remix) , a remix of my own Trek fic, Good Man. The author has expanded the story from George's point of view, including a great take on his relationship with Winona, and his reaction to his own Kobayashi Maru. I like how you can see the beginnings of a great commander in the way he reacts. Also, it's hot.

Inside Out, Upside Down (the Take Two Kirks and Call Me in the Morning Remix) remixes Spun Glass, and features a Jim who's in love with Bones going to his mother for help. I love fic that doesn't make Winona a terrible mother; the family relationship in this is just great, and the glimpses you see of the depth of Jim's affection for Bones is lovely. Plus, the title is awesome.

An Inception (what?) fic I found especially lovely was I Regret Nothing (the Colonel Mustard in the Solarium with the Wind-Up Victrola remix), which remixes With Thanks to Apollo. The remix takes a closer look at some pictures on Ariadne's phone that are referenced in the original story, and examines Ariadne's ways of relating to her waking world. The style is gorgeous, as are the glimpses of character relationships. And though the fic is mostly gen, there's a bit of hinted sexiness in there that spices it up.

The Cat and the Fiddle is a lengthy, surprisingly un-crack-y (not to mention hot) story about Arthur unexpectedly ending up with physical and psycho-social cat traits from Eames' dying-of-sexual-tension point of view. The remix, The Cat and the Fiddle (Kitty in the Middle remix) is a choose-your-own-adventure version of the same events from Arthur's point of view. The result ends up a bit more crack-tastic than the original, but the innovative format is worth a look.

Through The Looking Glass (The Male Gaze Mashup) is a remix of the petite Can't Take My Eyes Off of You that expands the original into an insightful character study from Wilson's point of view. It delves into instances of House invading Wilson's life, and explores the push-pull of their relationship beautifully. And there's a surprisingly hot scene involving the online ordering of sex toys.

The Heavens Are Not Shaken (The Catch a Falling Star remix)is a remix of put it in your pocket. Both of these stories are beautiful stargazing-themed works set in Season 6, and they complement each other well. I love remixes that tease out and expand on themes dropped in the original; this remix makes excellent use of the Greek myth tradition mentioned in the work that inspired it. Dean's voice (and humor) rings true here, and Castiel makes a very in-character appearance as well.

Have you read any awesome remixes? Did anyone on my f-list participate? I know we can't reveal what we wrote yet, but I hope whatever was written for you was kick-ass.


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