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After adding 1000 more words tonight to a 10,000 word fic that was "just a quick one, I swear," I have found myself questioning my life choices. Please help me judge myself with the poll below. The offending fic is Mirror!verse Kirk/McCoy, Pike/McCoy, if that's salient information.

[Poll #1672959]

ETA: Things Googled tonight in writing this fic include "thesaurus: filthy" and "futuristic butt plug." Goodnight, everybody.
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This link comes from the work I'm doing in my Other Life (the one where I have a body and walk around and talk out loud instead of with my fingers), but because of discussions around this neighborhood in recent days, I thought I'd just leave this here. Just in case anyone needed it.

On Having That Conversation.

The post leans heavily on themes of including participants from all backgrounds (even the ones with whom I find infuriating), and it comes with the assumption that everyone has the best of intentions (which, let's face it, is not always the case), but ALSO it has a great suggested reading list of internet resources, so you can point people who are interested in educating themselves in the right direction. I realize that that only works if people are ready to listen, but. There you have it.

That's it. I'm just going to set this down over here and walk away slowly. *whistles*
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A joyous new year to one and all!

[ profile] jaune_chat and I are ringing in the new year with a porn-writing party, during which she just coined the phrase "in medias gluteus" to describe a [ profile] fandom_stocking story I'm writing. I think this year will be better than the last.

How are all your writing commitments going?
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I was at the library reading for business purposes (really), when I opened a play to see a picture of the cast. I'm easily distractable, so I immediately noticed a dog in the photo. "Ridiculous," I thought. "Who brings a dog to a cast photo? No actor loves animals that much. Except maybe Zachary Quinto."

Well. Yes. Except for him. Because it's Zach and his dog Noah in the photograph.

Apparently he originated an ensemble role in Susan Miller's play A Map of Doubt and Rescue (including a character called Sugarman). Then I had a very pretty mental picture as I read the play.

In other news, I'm not dead. I'm working on some fic (including fic I know I owe people! sorry!), and getting caught up in the swirl of holiday cheer. Speaking of which, have a Santa meme, under the cut:

Pretty typical, I think. )
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My [ profile] startrekbigbang is done!I added 40,000 words to it in 4 days, but it's done! As a testament to my terrible planning skills (or perhaps my overly-optimistic sense of ambition), my posting date was less than a week after I finished a big RL project that left me physically and emotionally exhausted. But now, I feel like I can breathe again!

In celebration, I have been gorging myself on fanfic. Om nom nom! If I missed anything awesome in the past uh... month, link me!

As often happens when my mind should be busy with other things, it thinks up entirely unrelated things that it wants me to do right now. Silly brain. But one of its suggestions started to sound interesting, so now I run it by you, dear f-list.

Do you like mashing up your television?

I'm envisioning a challenge, or maybe an exchange, called "Same Song, Different 'Verse." You build a fusion universe by bringing elements of a different movie/episode of television to another fandom. So it's kind of like the "reel" challenges (e.g. [ profile] reel_spn), only not.

For example, I like Supernatural, and I like Star Trek. I could to do the Supernatural episode "Mystery Spot." I can either fuse the Trek characters into the Supernatural 'verse (Kirk is a desperate Sam, McCoy is "what the hell are you talking about time loop?" Dean, and Spock is obviously Castiel), or implant the plot of "Mystery Spot" into the Trek verse (they're stuck in some worm hole in which a powerful alien consciousness is causing Kirk to experience McCoy's death over and over in an attempt to inure him to its inevitability).

I'm thinking that there would probably be a prompting period, then a claiming period... Because there are just so many possible permutations of fandoms that coordinating an exchange would be crazy. Besides, I could never hope to match [ profile] aurilly's mad matching skills on [ profile] xover_exchange. Probably at least one of the fandoms in a prompt would have to be a television show, so that we'd be doing episode-sized plots rather than movie-sized plots. Or would it be better to limit it to television fandoms only?

Does that sound like a terrible idea? What you participate in such a challenge, if it existed?
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One of these days I will actually post some fic. Ha.

Until then:

1. My mirror!verse Remix fic is at 10,000 words and no sex yet. Uh oh. No, I seriously don't have time to write an epic Remix. I have to write an epic slave!fic!

2. Here, have some hot guys, religious imagery, and kink: Lady Gaga - Alejandro No, I have no idea in the actual fuck what is going on.

3. Or, if you prefer, blow your mind by mixing Lady Gaga with Newsies:
Headlines don't sell papes. Newsies sell papes. )
My work here is done.
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Try ZQ as a bullfighter, a priest, and a clown. No seriously, all three. If clowns frighten you, you can just stop watching after the priest bit. But. Quinto. Check it out.
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I have been sleepy all week, because of not-being-home-to-sleep type problems. Therefore, I must have a meme (stolen from [ profile] perdiccas and [ profile] speccygeekgrrl:

Post a picture or video in the comments you think describes me. Leave no explanation. Post this in your journal. Profit! :)


In other news, I am striving to finish my last [ profile] hope_in_sight fic before I leave for vacation next week. Also, I should probably start on my remix... Fic ahoy!
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Dudes, it's been waaaaaaaaay to freaking long since I've dated anyone, let alone a Someone who made me dinner and then danced with me in the kitchen to big band music. This is of the good.

Now, to offset the sweetness of that, I bring you WTF: I'm all for safer sex, but this cartoon is a mite disturbing.
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You know what shouldn't be hot? Jim Kirk and tentacles in a dubious consent situation. But uh... I like what I like.

Also, spent today's lunch hour and commute writing again in the wake of another professional obligation completed. Yay! Writing again!

Also, if you're looking for stuff to nominate for the Heroes Slash Fic Awards, you can see my stuff that qualifies at my year round-up post. Everything after July 17th is eligible. So all the Heroes stuff I wrote in July on.
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This end-of-year writing meme inspired by [ profile] folkhore!

This has been a pretty prolific year for me, writing-wise. I’ve found new life in my old fandom, branched out into a new fandom and dabbled in a few others. I’ve written some new pairings (Sylar/Luke, Kirk/McCoy/Spock), explored new depravities (thanks, kink memes!), and sold myself for charity. I’ve gotten to know my old LJ friends better, and made new friends as well. Here’s what I did:

I wrote a lot of stories about men having sex with each other. )
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So, despite concerns regarding potential drama, I was all set to sign up for Star Trek Ship Wars, because I thought it would be nice to have consistent motivation to churn out fic, like when I used to write for [ profile] heroes_contest or the [ profile] lukexsylar prompts. I was agonizing over which ship to pic (because, honestly, I like lots of 'em... should I go with K/S? Sulu/Chekov? McCoy/Chekov? Kirk/Chekov? Kirk/McCoy? Kirk/McCoy/Spock?), but then I read the rules again and... подождите! "submissions rated G-R (nothing terribly graphic, please)."

Am I so shallow that I'm way less interested to commit to something where porn is not an option? When ships are mentioned, my mind just automatically goes to teh sex. I can't help it!

But it's probably for the best. I have plenty of fic commitments on my plate already, and this might have been too much.

Still... No porn? At all? :( I would like my navy of ships to be a little more full of naked shenanigans, please!
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Well, so Christmas is coming right up, but New Year's Day is still more than a week away. And New Year's is an awesome holiday in its own right, therefore I will post this, my New Year's wishlist, since I missed the boat on Christmas wishing!

Here's the idea:
Post a list of things you want. These could be fandom related (like a specific icon) or real things (like a DVD) or more intangible things (like donations to a charity, or prayers, or anything you can possibly imagine). The idea is to surf around to your friends' (or strangers') journals and see if there are wishes you can make come true. Hooray holiday elfing! Also, please feel free to post a link to your wishlist here (or here at this other post) to point me in the right direction.

Also note that I'm not expecting anything to be finished by New Years, let alone Christmas. My birthday is in January, so I consider the entire month a gifting grace period.

Now, what's on my list this year?

Not Fic
* A cover or header for We Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly.... There's also gonna be a sequel soon, and I'd love to have a matching header for that.
* A McCoy/Chekov icon... somehow... Look, I know they prettymuch never appear on screen together, okay?!
* An Arthur/Peter icon to use with all my horrible unfluffy Arthur/Peter stories
* Music recommendations for lyric-less stuff (movie soundtracks, orchestral stuff, whatevs) for me to groove to while writing or at work
* Writing notebooks. Since I write when I'm away from my computer, I tend to fill lots and lots of journal-type notebooks with my wickedness.

Fic (So what if I brought some over from the kink meme? I can wish for what I want!)
* Trope-filled non- or dub-con Trek fic. Aliens made them do it, pon farr, sex pollen, etc., etc. I love most pairings involving any combination of Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Sulu, and Chekov.
* Sylar/Peter post The Fifth Stage with Sylar being bastard-y and mocking, and possibly putting on airs of Nathan just to rub in the fact that he is DEFINITELY not around anymore.
* Dean Winchester/Jim Kirk. I'm imagining a bar fight that turns to sex, because that's how they both roll...
* AU Peter prostitute fic. Actually, there's lots of people I would like to see in AU prostitute fic. Peter, Nathan, or Adam Monroe from Heroes, Dean from Supernatural, or any of the Star Trek guys.
* Mirror!verse Trek fic. I am addicted and can't get enough. I think that's because violence and consent issues are the rule rather than the exception. I'm happy with anything in the mirror!verse, but there are a whole bunch hot wrong dirty bad stuff. I didn't actually write any of these prompts, but you could be forgiven for thinking I did.

That's what I want for New Year's! And if you made a wish list and haven't linked me yet, you should, so I can give prezzies, too!
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Are you, like me, way too lazy to click through forty LJ entries? Well then, you're in luck. I've gatehred up links to all 40 Heroes-related items being offered for the fandom auction [ profile] hope_in_sight. I considered leaving off the things I was bidding for so's none of ya'll would get any ideas, but I decided that wasn't fair. So here be all sorts of Hero-y things you can buy. Buy a gift for your friend. Treat yourself to a fannish delight. It all goes to a good cause.

Go ye forth and bid! )
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1.) Still haven't seen last night's Heroes, but my f-list has been remarkably good about cutting spoilers. Thanks guys!

2.) Did some shopping today for a secret santa thing I'm part of, and it's going to be awesome. Man do I love giving people presents.


3) [ profile] hope_in_sight, a fandom auction, is going on right now. There are several important things you should know.

a) Proceeds are going to an important surgery for [ profile] megmatthews20. This is a good cause, yo.

b) I am selling myself (like I do). You can bid for a Heroes fic or a Star Trek Mirror!verse Fic.

c) There are lots of other awesome things on offer, like podfic, cookies, and fic by awesome groovy neato people. Plus lots of other stuff, which you should check out.

d) And in the feeding frenzy of early bidding wars last night, I wanted some instant gratification, and so bought myself a tarot reading from [ profile] speccygeekgrrl. She did an awesome job. The interpretation was detailed and very relevant to the question I asked. So hooray for life guidance! She's auctioning off an unlimited number of these, so if you want to experience the thrill of victory and score some tasty tidbits of wisdom, you should buy one.

e) No seriously, why are you still at my journal? Go to the auction!
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I'm alive! And still suffering from life craziness, but things have mellowed out considerably in the past week.

I'm working on writing a few things for exchanges and memes and wish lists. After all, 'tis the season. So if you posted a wishlist (or are going to post one), don't be shy: link me! I'm going to put up a wishlist... at some point...

[ profile] hope_in_sight, an awesome fannish charity auction, starts tomorrow, and I'm offering at least one custom-written fic of the Star Trek Mirror!verse variety. I could be persuaded to offer a Heroes fic too, but I still have a few hours to decide.

If you want to offer something, you have until midnight EDT to put it up. You should do it! Sell yourself for charity! You know you want to!

Also, for the record, I'm two episodes behind on Heroes, and I have no wish to know what happens in tonight's episode until I get around to watching it this weekend. So please, please don't spoil me! Or I'll get out my angry eyes.
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In an interview with Television Without Pity, John Cho dished on Flash Forward (which I haven't seen yes, has anyone?) and Star Trek. The best part:

Well, what can you tell me about the next Star Trek movie?
Cho: I'm afraid I don't have much information, except that they're working on a script. All I can tell you is that all of the actors are hell-bent on doing it, so I assume any scheduling issues will be ironed out. I'm very optimistic.

George Takei famously went shirtless in the Star Trek episode "The Naked Time." Are you prepared for such a scene, should it arise in the next film?
Cho: I just bought a Bowflex for that.

Thank you John for you and your sculpted abs.
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It's a Saturday night, and I'm at home preparing for rehearsal (woohoo, the life I lead!), and I just remembered back when [ profile] takhallus put up this meme, which I never properly followed up on. So here's the deal. I tell you about five icons [ profile] takhallus prompted me with. You post letting me you know you want to play, and I'll choose five of your icons. Then post on your journal with explanations about your five, and we spread the icon glee! Punch it.

Now for mine. [ profile] takhallus chose many of my texty ones! I love words!

by [ profile] katie821
The text is a line from the poem The Old Astronomer to His Pupil by Sarah Williams. The line that completes this couplet is "I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." It's a lovely poem, and to me it hints at Sylar's potential for redemption. Plus Sylar looks totally bad-ass in that scene.

by [ profile] jessiesgarden.
This is from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act III, Scene ii. It's spoken by Puck, who's a mischievous fairy errand-boy. Adam is certainly all about manipulating people's lives. And if he'd had the power to do so, I'm certain he would have had no qualms about turning Hiro into a donkey.

by [ profile] pyooma
These are both icon'd forms of the Star Trek GQMF macros. These things made me laugh so damn hard after seeing the movie... They can mostly be found here. Also, Chekov is a bad-ass. Dude's a genius, don't forget it. Also, don't talk about Spock's mama. He'll choke a bitch.

by [ profile] angel_elf_icons.
Moar Shakespeare plz! The text is a quote from Hamlet, Act I, Scene iv, when Hamlet first seems his father's ghost (oops, spoiler alert, the ghost is Hamlet's father!). McCoy is totally the one going, "We're all gonna die, damnit," so I think this quote suits him.

Yay, that was fun! Now tell me if you wanna play, cuz I wanna hear about your icons, too!
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A little love note to my remixer for [ profile] remixredux09. The rest of you can go about your business.

Dearest remixer,

Hello! I reckon you've already taken a look at the master list of fic *points further up the page* so you know what's there. A preponderance of Heroes fic, heavy on the slash, heavy on the Petrellis. There's also some gen, and a touch of het. Plus there's a mix of Star Trek XI, and a few other random fandoms. Best of luck to you with that lot... If for some crazy reason you are interested in the CSI fic, there's more of the story at The Nick/Greg Archive. Yeah. Blast from the past, right there.

I just want to reassure you, dear remixer, since you're probably someone in the Heroes fandom, possibly even someone I know, that you can do no wrong. I'm not terrible sensitive about my stories, and whatever you come up with is less for my benefit (this isn't an exchange, after all), but really for fun and kicks. So take anything. I hath no safe story! Do with your remix what you will, my blessing upon you.

And if you have any questions, feel free to either ask through an intermediary or comment annonymously.

Kiss kiss,
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So now the [ profile] remixredux09 is beginning. Fear it. I do. But that's only because I have too many challenges going on as it is. But this one is awesome.

It's basically a chance to play around in someone else's sandbox. You're assigned someone who writes in your fandom, and you get a chance to remix one of their fics. What's a remix? Technically speaking, it's more like a cover. Because Nine Inch Nails originally did Hurt, but when Johnny Cash sung it, it meant something quite different. You keep the same basic plot and characters, but you can change POV, setting, whatever, and make it a little different.

For instance, last year I took [ profile] justholdstill's story No Surprises and wrote Feels Like Falling. Yeah, it was Harry Potter. Shut it. Also, last year, the inimitable [ profile] poisontaster took my story Philosopher's Stone (which is NOT Harry Potter-related) and wrote Tabula Rasa.

Get the idea? Good, because I'd really like to have some Heroes folks sign up (oh, and Star Trek Reboot is a qualifying fandom, too, yay!). Be sure to read the rules, but you only have to have written 5 stories of 500 words or more (or 7 stories of 100 words or more) to qualify. It's going to be (wicked mad) fun.

Sign up here


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