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Stream-of-consciousness thoughts from this week’s Heroes. )
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Spoilers for all aired episodes of Heroes )
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I is a sucky commentator! I have been so wrapped up in getting the [ profile] sncross_bigbang story I'm writing with [ profile] jaune_chat ready for the draft deadline that I haven't done anything else, not even this! Well... beter late than never?

In other news, I still have a couple more kink meme fics to polish and re-post (do they never end!?) and then it's on to work on for my lovely Sweet Charity mistresses, [ profile] pinkfinity and [ profile] eldritchhobbit, and cracking the whip over my own Sweet Tarts, [ profile] blithesea, [ profile] pupnamedpeter, [ profile] fluidkarma, [ profile] pyro_monkey17, and [ profile] xkelorosiamano. Yes, I bought a stable of Tarts. Yes, I'm comfortable with that.

Rambling commentary is rambling )
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My stream-of-consciousness Heroes meta for this week )
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And now... My scattered thoughts on last week's Heroes )

So, I'm a very happy camper. No Heroes tomorrow, but that gives me more time to keep up with the latest Heroes Kink Meme. Which I promised I would stop writing for. And I will. I can stop any time. Seriously.
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And now… My scattered thoughts on tonight’s episode of Heroes. )
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And now, tonight’s exciting episode of Heroes.

Previously on Heroes: Nathan is duplicitous, Sylar gains an apprentice, and the Heroes brain trust assembles!

And now...Building 26 )
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Universe: 3, Jill: 1
Monday night: Television not working. Can’t watch Heroes.
Tuesday night: Can’t access internet. Assume it’s a computer problem. Can’t watch Heroes.
Wednesday night: It’s not a computer problem. It’s the internet, and the cable company can’t fix it until Saturday. Watch Heroes slowly and painfully on pirated wifi.
Thursday night: Take computer to coffee shop. There is a screaming and crying child. At a coffee shop. But Jill remembered her headphones. Take that, universe.

And now, my less-funny-than-usual-stream-of-consciousness thoughts on this week’s episode of Heroes )
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Previously, on Heroes: we learn from comic books, Claire is the Catalyst, Nathan and Peter are sweaty.

And now... Chapter Twelve, “Our Father”

Sweet title. I like it already.

And now, my stream-of-consciousness thoughts on tonight’s episode )
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Inside be spoilers for tonight's episode. Obviously.

My thoughts. Let me show you them. )
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It doesn’t seem like it’s been a week since the last episode. Maybe because I’ve written about 10,000 words since then. Phew. Now time to relax and watch the telly.

Stream of consciousness commentary: spoilers for tonight’s episode within (obviously) )


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