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If you love Remixing, you can participating in Remix Madness regardless of whether you participated in the regular Remix Challenge this year. No qualifying fandoms, just madness for all! Put your stories up for grabs to be remixed, and then (if you like), remix something by someone else by the end of the weekend. MADNESS!

I saw Frankenstein again on Wednesday. This will surprise no one, but I am a nerd. On the train on the way to the theater to see the play, I was listening to the score from the play while reading a copy of the play. I also had a copy of Mary Shelly's novel in my bag, in case I wanted to consult it. One of my favorite parts this time was hearing/seeing reactions of people around me. One girl behind me gasped, whispered curse words, and made whimpering noises in various parts. It was awesome.

Also, real life obligations are becoming such that I am considering taking a fandom hiatus in May. I have so many tabs open now of things I want to read that I'm feeling the cosmic weight of fic unread. If I stop tuning into fandom altogether, I may perhaps feel less guilty? I still have a few days to consider. *think think think*

So what have you been up to? Proudly nerd-ing? Knocking out fandom challenges left and right? Writing awesome stuff? Reading awesome stuff? Do tell.


Apr. 29th, 2010 11:06 am
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Alright ladeez and jellybeans, I'm out. Time for the annual spring-time exodus from the city to somewhere with trees and fresh air. I'm off to Merry Old England, back in 10 days.

Be goodbad while I'm gone, and don't burn down the internet!
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Dudes, it's been waaaaaaaaay to freaking long since I've dated anyone, let alone a Someone who made me dinner and then danced with me in the kitchen to big band music. This is of the good.

Now, to offset the sweetness of that, I bring you WTF: I'm all for safer sex, but this cartoon is a mite disturbing.


Feb. 19th, 2010 04:21 pm
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I think George Takei might be my favorite member of the TOS cast. He just seems like the nicest guy ever.

Want to listen to him on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, the NPR quiz show? I love the show, and they've had some awesome guests lately. Check out the Takei segment.

In other news, I finished two drabbles from the Valentine's Day Gifty Post (which is still open, taunting you, btw), started on a certain [ profile] hope_in_sight commitment involving the virus future, and began to ponder filling a Chekov/Sulu kink meme prompt that isn't hopelessly fluffy.

Also, I have a second date tomorrow. So all in all, I feel pretty good about the world.
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1.) Still haven't seen last night's Heroes, but my f-list has been remarkably good about cutting spoilers. Thanks guys!

2.) Did some shopping today for a secret santa thing I'm part of, and it's going to be awesome. Man do I love giving people presents.


3) [ profile] hope_in_sight, a fandom auction, is going on right now. There are several important things you should know.

a) Proceeds are going to an important surgery for [ profile] megmatthews20. This is a good cause, yo.

b) I am selling myself (like I do). You can bid for a Heroes fic or a Star Trek Mirror!verse Fic.

c) There are lots of other awesome things on offer, like podfic, cookies, and fic by awesome groovy neato people. Plus lots of other stuff, which you should check out.

d) And in the feeding frenzy of early bidding wars last night, I wanted some instant gratification, and so bought myself a tarot reading from [ profile] speccygeekgrrl. She did an awesome job. The interpretation was detailed and very relevant to the question I asked. So hooray for life guidance! She's auctioning off an unlimited number of these, so if you want to experience the thrill of victory and score some tasty tidbits of wisdom, you should buy one.

e) No seriously, why are you still at my journal? Go to the auction!
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Today's my [ profile] startrekbigbang day! Go check out 57,000 words of angst.

I do most of my writing during my train commute or my lunch hour, which means no laptop. Normally I write in a little black notebook, but once a story of any magnitude gets going, I tend to write scenes out of order, and I need to refer to what I wrote before, or I write a skeleton version of a scene (usually just dialogue) and need to fill it in. So I print out a section and edit on the train, and when I get home for the evening I transcribe it all. So I end up with a lot of marked up paper.

This time I saved it all and threw it in a stack on my trusty drafting table. This is the result: all the marked-up drafts of various sections of We Have Loved the Stars are in this pile right here.

Rain forests are weeping. But fans of angsty slave fic are rejoicing. I hope.
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HA! Just when you thought it might be safe to start looting my body. NO! I am alive, I say. Though the past week I have been consumed by real life projects (one in particular, heh heh), the plague (fluuuu!) and [ profile] startrekbigbang. So here's that's up:

* I'm two weeks behind on Heroes. This is a travesty. I'm working on fixing it.
* I have comments to reply to, I know. I'll get on that as soon as Monday happens.
* I'm brewing some exciting ideas for my [ profile] xoverexchange fic.
* On Monday my [ profile] startrekbigbang fic goes up. It's 58,000 words of more angst than you can shake a phaser at.

Okay, now tell me the most awesome thing you've written/read/done in the past month so I can start catching up on all the fun.


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