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In the midst of my spewing out fic posts, I wanted to take a pause to share some things that I didn't make, but that other, more awesome people made for me, because you should be able to enjoy them, too. Observe:

[ profile] jaune_chat's grin-inducing Star Trek/Sherlock crossover London Station. In which a dead body shows up on the Enterprise while she's docked at London Station, and Sherlock and John help solve the case. Put-upon doctors bemoaning their wayward companions, reckless geniuses terrorizing the criminals of the sector, and a Sherlock whose logic annoys even Spock. Hilarity ensues. Go read it.

[ profile] mumblemutter's sexy as hell Petrellicest Banner, chock-full of Nathan/Peter goodness, with a bonus quote from The Mountain Goats. <3 <3 <3

[ profile] tygermama's awwww-worthy Sherlock ficlet Snuggling, as recommended by The Physician's Desk Reference, which features the boys locked in a freezer, and a wonderfully snarky John.

[ profile] speccygeekgrrl's splendid Podfic of my Sherlock fic The Cure is Worse. At ~20 minutes, it's a great listen during the morning commute, or during your workout, or any time, really.

[ profile] re_white's Trek fic A Fearful Quake.I gave her the prompt, "McCoy goes to Pike for something Kirk can't give him," and she transmuted it into something beautiful and hurty and blazingly hot. Kirk/McCoy, with a last-minute side of Pike.

I am so spoiled!
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In honor of the (impending) anniversary of my country's independence, I have given myself a day off of my fandom hiatus. OHAI GAIZ!

I managed to write 5000 words of my [ profile] remixredux09 fic this morning, thanks to Write or Die in 500 word/20 minute increments. Next up, some [ profile] luxkexsylar exchange fic. I may extend my hiatus amnesty to tomorrow in order to do some work on my [ profile] heroes_bigboom story. But now I don't feel quite so horrified at my overcommitment as I did yesterday.

Also, I know many people are posting their eligible fic for the [ profile] heroes_slash Fanfiction Awards, but instead I just put arrows next to everything on my fic Master List that's been written since January 16th. Good enough?

And as long as I'm stopping by, can I rec some porn?

Get your red hot Star Trek Reboot slash here )
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I wanted to let you all know that, while I am not dead, I am taking a semi-hiatus from fandom for part of the summer. I'm working on a professional project that will be taking up much of my free time and creative attention for the next six weeks. I'm excited about the project, but I've realized that if I don't allow myself to fall behind in fandom, the results of this undertaking will not be as good as they could be. And I really want it to be good.

So! I'm not disappearing entirely. I'm still writing my [ profile] lukexsylar exchange fic, my [ profile] remixredux09 remix, and possibly (if the stars align) my [ profile] heroes_bigboom fic. I'll still reply to comments (hopefully... I'm a little behind on that so far), I'll still drop in from time to time, but I have to stop reading stuff, damnit. My f-list is a horribly tempting Pandora's box of yummy porn!

However, I'd love to have some recs to read when I come back full force in August. So anything you write that kicks ass, anything you see in the comms that I'd totally love... Make a note of it somewhere so you can tell me to read it later? Pretty please? *bats eyelashes innocently*

I will now console you with porn. )
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So, I've been thinking lately about how I came to be such a bad person. [EDIT: I don't really think I'm a bad person. Just that my proclivities are not socially acceptable.] Or at least have my own seat reserved in first class on the Special Train to Hell. And then I started thinking of the fandoms that got me into non-con in the first place. There was this great site, back in the day, that was a repository for great non-con recs. Not everything was in a fandom I read, but there was some great stuff. The site itself is now defunct, but you can visit an old version at the Internet Wayback Machine. Yeah, a lot of the links don't work anymore, but it's still better than a sharp stick in the eye.

Now, as I was browsing through my old stomping grounds, a few fics came to mind that helped shape me as a slash writer. They're in pretty random fandoms, but they do rock, so I thought I'd rec them here. They're all long and involved, but they're gems.

The Adversary by Xanthe. X-Files. Mulder is kidnapped, held captive, and raped repeatedly. Plus psychological torture. Fun for the whole family, and really harrowing character description. I was never really into X-Files fandom, and I never thought Mulder was that sexy, but this I liked.

Repossession by Lazuli. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spike/Xander (not non-con), and lots of Spike torture. Spike goes missing for months, and when he needs help, he goes to Xander. Problem is, he's come back terribly changed. This story just makes you hurt for Spike. It's ridiculously long, and goes into much more AU territory in later chapters, but the first 100 chapters or so are riveting.

Little Earthquakes by Zen and Nancy. Highlander. Duncan and Methos. This fic contains one of the greatest non-con lines of all time: "There is something so wonderfully demoralizing about sodomy; takes all the fight out of a man, to be conquered from within." If you just want the non-con, you can skip the first several pages of establishing Duncan/Methos slash.

The Red Temple by Rushlight. Star Wars: Phantom Menace. Obi-wan goes undercover as a pleasure slave. There are problems. Do you need more of a summary than that?

Buying Trouble by Layna Ayre Andersen. Star Wars: Phantom Menace. Qui-gon is a Roman gentleman, and Obi-wan is a Celtic slave boy captured by the army. Roughness and tenderness ensues.

Forgotten and Forgotten: Roles Reversed by Trudy West. Star Wars: Phantom Menace. In forgotten, Qui-gon is a mind-wiped slave. In the roles reversed version, Obi-wan's the slave.

I came, I saw, I porned. All in an honest day's work.
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I wrote a stupid amount of pr0n for the Heroes Anonymous Kink Meme II. I'd like to note that while there are many different pairings, there is no Nathan/Peter. How did that happen?! Also, about half involve some sort of 'cest, and about half are non- or dub-con. Because that's how I roll.

And I got a shiny banner for my trouble! )

I wrote it all quick-and-dirty, because it's supposed to be fun. These versions a a little less messy than the versions posted on the meme (in one fic, I changed tenses more than a dozen times, wtf?), but they're still not meant to be works of art. Sorry for the f-list spamming today. Pr0n overload! I hope you enjoy!

1. Experience is the Best Teacher. Peter/Peter, dub-con. Prompt: "Future!Peter/Present!Peter - dub-con, F!Peter shows P!Peter the darkness in humanity."
2. What's His is Mine. Gabriel/Peter. Dub-con. Prompt: “Nathan/Peter, Sylar(or Gabriel)/peter --- AU (They were grown up together), brothercest, Nathan and Sylar/Gabriel are rivaling for "who is the favorite of their baby brother.," which may lead... 1. Gabriel finds out his brothers' sinful affairs at Nathan's bedroom. 2. Sylar advances his dark feeling to Peter. dub-con.”
3. If You're Not With Us. Knox/Flint/Peter-as-Jesse, non-con. Prompt:“Knox, The German, and Flint/Jesse!Peter - gangbang noncon in the bank during the robbery.”
4. New Year's. Nathan/Gabriel. Prompt: "Nathan/Gaberiel- In a universe where they grew up together. Blowjobs, powerplay (of course) and Nathan's special brand of manipulation."
4.5. See also: New Year's (What Peter Saw)
5. Every Tool is a Weapon if You Hold it Right. Sylar/Adam, noncon. Prompt:"“Adam/Anyone, really -- as long as there's snark and manipulative tendencies. Gun!porn is also amazing. I love the idea of a sexy man with a gun in his mouth."
6. There's Bound to be a Ghost in the Back of Your Closet. Arthur/Peter. Prompt: "Dub-con Arthur/Peter (with some mention of Nathan/Peter thrown in)... Arthur has been using Peter as his whore (by threatening to do the same to Nathan). Arthur's paralysis power is a must (except for certain parts of Peter's anatomy, of course). Make the sex as dirty and rough as possible. Peter's ashamed that he gets off on the roughness but he thinks he's protecting Nathan and pleasing his father. Would love a twist ending.”
7. Allow Me to Introduce. Claude/Peter. Prompt:"Peter/Claude: public sex at one of Nathan's functions."
8. You're My Atomic Clock of Days. Adrian/Milo. Prompt: "RPS: Adrian/Milo/Camera – ‘That video better not EVER be seen by ANYONE, you hear me? Adrian. Seriously." I take no responsibility for writing this. Blame [ profile] 47_trek_47
9. Turnabout is Fair Play. Adam/Hiro. Prompt: "Adam/Hiro "let's see how YOU like it" asphyxiation play”
10. Down to the Felt. Linderman/Peter. Dub-con. Prompt: "“Linderman/Peter dub-con. BONUS if it's dub-con due to drink or drugs (put on him by Linderman or some other perv, or even Peter voluntarily and recklessly getting himself trashed). DOUBLE BONUS if Peter's angsting over Nathan. TRIPLE BONUS if the incident is used against Nathan in some way.”

I wrote another one, too, but I'm being all secretive and shit about it. Anonymous kink meme is anonymous!

And, in case you need still more kink, here are the fics people wrote for my prompts. I am a lucky girl.

Fics written from my prompts )

And here's other fic I loved that wasn't written for or by me, because there was some mind-meltingly hot shit.

Other recs )

So there you have it. I'll be in my bunk.
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So, [ profile] heroes_bigboom has begun. Wend your way over to read some lovely long Heroes fic between now and September 22nd (premiere day!). My story gets posted on Monday, September 15th, but the excerpt is up now.

Oh, and guess what?! My sis, [ profile] jaune_chat has written a cut scene from The Secret's in the Telling, my Supernatural/Heroes fic. It's Nathan/Sam. And it's hot as hell. No, I really really love it, and you should read it. It will help if you've read The Secret's in the Telling first, but she has a summary of what you need to know in case you haven't read the whole thing.

Also, [ profile] mystery_sock has posted her latest chapter of Ritual. It's sexy as all get out. And even if you haven't read the rest of Ritual, you should give it a look.

Well, I've endorsed a small country's worth of porn. My work here is done.


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