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Title: Stop What You’re Doing and Breathe
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 770
Note: Written for Five Acts, Round Four for [ profile] tresa_cho for the prompts drowning, nightmare, and hurt/comfort
Summary: McCoy has to get to Jim, no matter the obstacle.

There’s something… off… about this. )
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Title: Old Home Ground (The Now-and-Then Remix)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gen-ish, with hints of Winona/George. Also featuring the Kirk boys in childhood!
Note:Written for Remix Redux 9. This story is remixed from the fic Purity by velvetfiction.
Summary: Though Winona had been born there, the farm didn't feel like home. Not any more.

Stars faded out as the warm glow of the sun rolled up over the horizon. Winona hated to see them go. )
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Yay, it's doooooone! I've been working on this bad boy for... five months? It was meant to be a bit of Pike/McCoy fun, but psh, that didn't work out so well. Thank you everybody for listening to me bitch and moan about this particular story.

The story is complete. I'm posting the three parts on my journal over the next three days, then farm it out to the comms. Enjoy!

Title: I'd Take a Bullet Meant for Both of Us
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy, Pike/McCoy, implied Kirk/various (including Kirk/Pike)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: mirror!verse morals, consent issues (of the dub-con and coercion variety), uneven power dynamics, and various kinks, including (highlight to view, or don't if you prefer your kink non-spoilery)

humiliation, public sex, light bondage, use of toys, threat of bloodplay, BDSM, fisting, off-label use of controlled substances, sensory deprivation, rough sex, physical violence (including violence between partners), description of injuries and a few medical procedures, and very brief contemplation of suicide.

Word Count: 22,700 total. This part: ~7200
Author’s Note: Thanks to [ profile] jaune_chat for the constant encouragement, beta-work, and word-smithing, and thanks my whole f-list for listening to me flail.
Summary: When backed into a corner, McCoy had to make a deal with Christopher Pike, Commandant of Cadets at the Imperial Academy. If Kirk had been there, he might have been able to tell McCoy that was a mistake. Kirk, at least, had taken some tactics courses. McCoy must stumble through the consequences of his deal and strike a dangerous balance between the suspicions of two powerful men.

The Empire isn’t about enforcing obedience, it’s about maintaining terror. )
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Title: Circle Yes or No
Author: : [ profile] brighteyed_jill
Rating: : PG-13
Warnings: : none
Word Count: : ~2000
A/N: : Thanks to [ profile] jaune_chat for beta-ing and cheerleading. Written for this prompt at the [ profile] jim_and_bones Sweethearts Challenge. [ profile] checkerboxed has Kirk's point-of-view for this prompt: If You Say So, with long-suffering McCoy and a spot-on (i.e. hilarious) Kirk voice.
Summary: : McCoy would find Kirk’s incessant attempts to set him up on dates less exasperating if he wasn’t also having to hide the fact that he already knows who he wants: Kirk.

McCoy didn’t feel up for another rousing evening of feigning indifference to Kirk’s charm. He should have known the universe had something far worse in store. )
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Title: Many Hands Make Light Work
Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy/Spock, with established Spock/McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Note: Written for [ profile] fandom_stocking for [ profile] heeroluva. Includes aliens-made-them-do-it (and the attendant mild consent issues), double penetration, and fisting.
Summary: Kirk may have given a few passing thoughts to Spock and McCoy’s relationship, but he didn’t mean for things to end up like this. Really.

The aliens certainly have a funny idea of homage. Am I right? )
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Title: We Sister Ships of Different Times
Fandom: Star Trek/Firefly
Characters/Pairing: Mentions of Zoe/Wash and Spock/Uhura/Kirk
Rating: PG
Note: However over the links to see the translations. This fic was written (with love) for [ profile] rubynye's birthday commentfest. Thanks to [ profile] jaune_chat for beta-ing.
Summary: Uhura isn't one much for playing hostage.

Another away mission has gone predictably awry. )
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Title: Triptych
Fandoms: Star Trek Reboot
Pairing: McCoy/Chekov, McCoy/Kirk/Chekov
Rating: NC-17
Note: Written for [ profile] fandom_stocking for [ profile] gblvr.
Summary:This is how it happens, from three points of view.

Chekov swims up through whirlpools of lethargy and props himself up on his elbows, which is about as far as he can go with his hands still tied to the bed’s support structure. )
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Title: Absolution
Fandoms: Star Trek Reboot
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: D/s and bondage elements
Notes: Written for [ profile] fandom_stocking for [ profile] sabrina_il. Thanks to [ profile] jaune_chat for the quick beta.
Summary: For this, Kirk can only come to Spock.

It's happened before, and Spock is certain it will happen again. )
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In the midst of my spewing out fic posts, I wanted to take a pause to share some things that I didn't make, but that other, more awesome people made for me, because you should be able to enjoy them, too. Observe:

[ profile] jaune_chat's grin-inducing Star Trek/Sherlock crossover London Station. In which a dead body shows up on the Enterprise while she's docked at London Station, and Sherlock and John help solve the case. Put-upon doctors bemoaning their wayward companions, reckless geniuses terrorizing the criminals of the sector, and a Sherlock whose logic annoys even Spock. Hilarity ensues. Go read it.

[ profile] mumblemutter's sexy as hell Petrellicest Banner, chock-full of Nathan/Peter goodness, with a bonus quote from The Mountain Goats. <3 <3 <3

[ profile] tygermama's awwww-worthy Sherlock ficlet Snuggling, as recommended by The Physician's Desk Reference, which features the boys locked in a freezer, and a wonderfully snarky John.

[ profile] speccygeekgrrl's splendid Podfic of my Sherlock fic The Cure is Worse. At ~20 minutes, it's a great listen during the morning commute, or during your workout, or any time, really.

[ profile] re_white's Trek fic A Fearful Quake.I gave her the prompt, "McCoy goes to Pike for something Kirk can't give him," and she transmuted it into something beautiful and hurty and blazingly hot. Kirk/McCoy, with a last-minute side of Pike.

I am so spoiled!
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Phew! I wanted to get this done before Christmas and I made it! Yay! God knows only Christmas could inspire me to write Trek ballet AU fluff. Happy Christmas Eve to those of you celebrating tonight. May you receive every kind of joy your heart desires.

Title: Divertissement
Pairing: Sulu/Chekov, with an assist from Janice Rand, Nyota Uhura, and Spock
Rating: PG
Summary: Pavel is thrilled to be dancing in The Nutcracker at the San Fransisco Ballet, but his life would be easier if he didn’t have a crush on the dancer playing Prince Charming.

And now, a night at the ballet. )


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