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It's holiday time! Although my family celebrates Christmas, I especially love New Year's as a holiday. It seems more honest, somehow, the way the Russians do it: Christmas is a Christian holiday where people go to church all night and light candles and celebrate the birth of Christ. Novy God (rhymes with "drove he road") is a pagan-y celebration where people decorate fir trees and welcome winter (and Grandfather Frost, who gets pissed when people complain about the cold, bitches) and give presents and stuff. So there's your international culture public service announcements.

But! No matter what holiday you celebrate, it's the gift-givin time 'o year! So, you likely know the drill. I'm posting a list of stuff I'd love to receive for Новый Год, and you post what you'd like to receive for your winter holiday of choice. If you see something on someone's list that you feel capable of providing and are moved to do so, huzzah! If not, there are no rules, no pressure, and no fuss/muss. So link me to your lists, and let the holiday cheer spread! (hic!)

Note: if you would like to send me something in the real-world mail, but don't have my address, PM me, and I will provide. Or, if you're being stealthy, you could ask [ profile] jaune_chat. I bet she would tell you if you ask nicely.

Things what I would love:
* Writing notebooks. I write on the train during my commute, so I love to have something that fits in my purse to whip out when I have ideas.
* Sherlock icons, or recommendations for where to find them
* Fic recommendations for dark, angsty fic. I'm currently reading Heroes, Star Trek, Supernatural, and Sherlock, with trace amounts of Inception, Lost, and True Blood.
* Music or recommendations for music (or an iTunes gift card). I love hearing new things. To give you an example of my taste, I love everything from Broadway musicals and movie scores to acoustic folk to glam-pop. Today I'm listening to Josh Ritter, The Extra Lens, Unicorn Dream Attack, and Trent Rezonr's score from The Social Network.
* Cute knitted wrist warmers/gauntlets/whatever the kids are calling them these days
* Podfic! I love hearing a reader's interpretation of my stories. You hereby have my permission to podfic any story of mine that you want.
* Art! Want to draw me something? A picture of a character, or a scene in a fic? Or send me a pretty photograph you took of the woods? Bring it on.
* A banner or icons for Proving Ground. Or really, any Trek mirror!verse icons
* Fic! I love reading fic (er... obviously)! I left a bunch 'o prompts over at [ profile] fandom_stocking, (in several fandoms, even, so you should check those out and see if any catch your fancy.
* To love you, baby. So throw a link to your own wishlist my way, or link me to your [ profile] fandom_stocking!

Also, let it be said that I'm not expecting anything in time for Christmas, or even New Year's. My birthday is in January, so I consider the entire first month of the year a gifting amnesty period, for me and you both. Let the mayhem begin! Er... continue!
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Well, so Christmas is coming right up, but New Year's Day is still more than a week away. And New Year's is an awesome holiday in its own right, therefore I will post this, my New Year's wishlist, since I missed the boat on Christmas wishing!

Here's the idea:
Post a list of things you want. These could be fandom related (like a specific icon) or real things (like a DVD) or more intangible things (like donations to a charity, or prayers, or anything you can possibly imagine). The idea is to surf around to your friends' (or strangers') journals and see if there are wishes you can make come true. Hooray holiday elfing! Also, please feel free to post a link to your wishlist here (or here at this other post) to point me in the right direction.

Also note that I'm not expecting anything to be finished by New Years, let alone Christmas. My birthday is in January, so I consider the entire month a gifting grace period.

Now, what's on my list this year?

Not Fic
* A cover or header for We Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly.... There's also gonna be a sequel soon, and I'd love to have a matching header for that.
* A McCoy/Chekov icon... somehow... Look, I know they prettymuch never appear on screen together, okay?!
* An Arthur/Peter icon to use with all my horrible unfluffy Arthur/Peter stories
* Music recommendations for lyric-less stuff (movie soundtracks, orchestral stuff, whatevs) for me to groove to while writing or at work
* Writing notebooks. Since I write when I'm away from my computer, I tend to fill lots and lots of journal-type notebooks with my wickedness.

Fic (So what if I brought some over from the kink meme? I can wish for what I want!)
* Trope-filled non- or dub-con Trek fic. Aliens made them do it, pon farr, sex pollen, etc., etc. I love most pairings involving any combination of Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Sulu, and Chekov.
* Sylar/Peter post The Fifth Stage with Sylar being bastard-y and mocking, and possibly putting on airs of Nathan just to rub in the fact that he is DEFINITELY not around anymore.
* Dean Winchester/Jim Kirk. I'm imagining a bar fight that turns to sex, because that's how they both roll...
* AU Peter prostitute fic. Actually, there's lots of people I would like to see in AU prostitute fic. Peter, Nathan, or Adam Monroe from Heroes, Dean from Supernatural, or any of the Star Trek guys.
* Mirror!verse Trek fic. I am addicted and can't get enough. I think that's because violence and consent issues are the rule rather than the exception. I'm happy with anything in the mirror!verse, but there are a whole bunch hot wrong dirty bad stuff. I didn't actually write any of these prompts, but you could be forgiven for thinking I did.

That's what I want for New Year's! And if you made a wish list and haven't linked me yet, you should, so I can give prezzies, too!
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Yes, the New Year approaches. And in this season of many holidays, I find it appropriate to post the traditional wishlist meme. Here's the idea:

We can has prezzies? )
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Iz taim 4 prezzeez? )


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