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This link comes from the work I'm doing in my Other Life (the one where I have a body and walk around and talk out loud instead of with my fingers), but because of discussions around this neighborhood in recent days, I thought I'd just leave this here. Just in case anyone needed it.

On Having That Conversation.

The post leans heavily on themes of including participants from all backgrounds (even the ones with whom I find infuriating), and it comes with the assumption that everyone has the best of intentions (which, let's face it, is not always the case), but ALSO it has a great suggested reading list of internet resources, so you can point people who are interested in educating themselves in the right direction. I realize that that only works if people are ready to listen, but. There you have it.

That's it. I'm just going to set this down over here and walk away slowly. *whistles*


Feb. 19th, 2010 04:21 pm
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I think George Takei might be my favorite member of the TOS cast. He just seems like the nicest guy ever.

Want to listen to him on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, the NPR quiz show? I love the show, and they've had some awesome guests lately. Check out the Takei segment.

In other news, I finished two drabbles from the Valentine's Day Gifty Post (which is still open, taunting you, btw), started on a certain [ profile] hope_in_sight commitment involving the virus future, and began to ponder filling a Chekov/Sulu kink meme prompt that isn't hopelessly fluffy.

Also, I have a second date tomorrow. So all in all, I feel pretty good about the world.
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I got up at 5:00 this morning to stand in line and vote before I went to work. I'll be spending my lunch hour calling people in Indiana and reminding them where their polling place is. If you're so inclined, you should go to Obama's website and make some calls yourself (it's super easy) or go to your local office and head out to knock on doors. Tonight I'll go to the rally in Grant Park and wait, feeling optimistically nauseous, for the results to roll in.

I feel like I've done my part for this campaign, but y'know, I always feel like I could have done more. I'll feel that way especially if the election does go the way I want it to.

But regardless of whether you feel like I do or not, if you're here in the U.S. and registered to vote, go make history today.

You'll be proud to say you were here. )


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